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LED 1 – is used for DHCP & Network connection diagnostics:

  • Solid: Indicates a connection has been made to Alula. (The device is Online)
  • 3-Flashes: Indicates the device is not connected to the Internet or is not assigned an address from the router
  • 7-Flashes: Indicates the device is still working on “AP Configuration”, therefore is not connected  to the WIFI Network.

 LED 2 –

  • Used to indicate keybus connectivity 

LED 6 (When not connected to a Wi-Fi Router)

  • Flashing: Indicates device is searching for a router in WPS mode.
  • Solid: Indicates the device has found a router via WPS Mode. 

LEDs 3 to 6 (When connected to a Wi-Fi Router)

  • Displays signal strength, indicated on device startup and updated every 4 hours

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