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Connect+ Panel V1.1.18.0 Firmware Release Notes

The following changes are included in the release relative to the current version

Alarm Panel:

  • A panel that has not been registered on AlulaConnect.com will check in every 4 minutes for four hours or until registered.
  • Improved handling of OTA updates to Touchpads that are connected to the local network. This will speed up the time for updates by using the local network.
  • Implemented check-ins for Touchpads that update on the local network so the firmware version is displayed in AlulaConnect.com.



Connect+ Firmware Release Notes v1.1.15.0 

– This release includes support for Z-Wave Certification compliance.

– Resolves issue that would cause RE616 Wireless Siren to display incorrect status.

Connect+ Panel Firmware Release Notes v1.1.14.0

Major features for this release include modifications to keep silent panic “silent” on the premise.  This is important for our SMB customer safety in a panic situation. Significant effort was included to support GSM communications modules for alarm reporting and two-way voice functions.  Additionally, the panel is now reporting status on a 5-second interval during the panel entry and alarm delay periods.

-Added support for Outdoor DWS.

-Detect and reset DeviceLink module if no message from any enrolled Touchpad is received within 15 minutes.  The previous detection mechanism required 4 hours.

-Improved battery management by shutting down DeviceLink module if AC power is lost for more than 3 hours.

-Improved handling of OTA updates when the panel is armed.

-Changed the event report event code for repeater AC fail from 1370 (generic zone trouble) to 1342.

-Enable keystroke tamper function (defaults off). If 40 keystrokes are received without a valid PIN, keystroke tamper is asserted and all keypads enter a 5-minute lockout.  If armed, a panel tamper alarm is started.

-Added suppression of Touchpad display for zones with alarm type of SILENT_PANIC (always show CLOSED).

-Panel status is reported to the server every 5 seconds during entry and alarm report delays.

-Allow more than 3-panel updates per day when initiated by a Check for Updates command.  This will ensure that all updates are delivered in the same check-in interval when requested by a user.

-Added silent protest panel option.

-Add zone configuration option for Normally Open or Normally Closed.

-Add support for 2 way voice using VOIP over GSM.

-Add option to allow 2-way voice during fire alarms.

-Z-Wave improvements, updates, and bug fixes for certification.

-Various bug fixes.


Connect+ Panel Firmware Release Notes v1.1.7.0 

-Added support for two-way voice over LTE. 

-Support for new features in mobile application and Touchpad versions.

-Updated procedure when a two-way session has started and a life safety device is triggered. two-way session is no longer aborted but appropriate temporal sounder is active. 

-Added support for Duress code to be used to arm a panel with Quick Arm disabled. This feature will also send a duress signal at the time of arming. 

-Improved cell card check in to handle updates to cell card more regularly. No matter the configuration the cell card will check in every 24 hours. 

-Resolved issue that would cause Silent Arming to stay active when using Night Arming. 

-Resolved issue that would cause z-wave module in slot 3 to go into supervision and clear shortly after. 

-Resolved issue that could cause Touchpad to change WiFi channel while updating. 

-Resolved issue that would cause an overflow of 602 events sent to a CS server. 

-Improved handling of queued events. 

-Updated response for zone protesting status.

-Various improvements for Z-Wave and scenes. 


Connect+ Panel Firmware Release Notes v1.1.5.0 

-This release has no functional changes to the field 

-Resolved issues that would caused comm issues with testers when generating CRC. 


Connect+ Panel Firmware Release Notes v1.1.4.0 

-Support for two-way voice alarm verification. Requires Ethernet communication. 

-Support for 40 Indoor PIR. 

-Support for WiFi Device Link Repeater. 

-Feature changed so if alarm type Silent Panic is selected the report code will change to 1122. This will ensure two-way voice muting options are properly set. 

-Feature to disable all siren cadences from playing during a VOIP session. This excludes Temporal 3 and Temporal 4 sounds due to their life safety association. 

-Feature added to allow two-way voice session to last up to 30 minutes. 

-Added features to Z-Wave support for additional options support by end-user app release. 

-Z-Wave improvements for better handling of retries and out of range devices. 

-Various other bug fixes and improvements for Z-Wave. 

-Resolved issue that could cause the panel to reset during firmware update if a check for updates command was sent. 

-Resolved issue that would cause Touchpad tamper trouble and restore to be delayed. 


Connect+ Panel Firmware Release Notes v1.0.4.0 

-Full support of scenes, actions and triggers.

-CS LED will follow Interactive Connectivity LED on panel for Connect+ and Clare registered panels.

-Auto Comm test timer is saved in panel memory through resets. Previously would reset test timer.

-Added feature that tests cell card connectivity every 24 hours if used as back up on Connect+ and Clare panels. SecureNet registered panels continue to use CS server.

-602 is sent immediately if the time interval is changed or feature enabled.

-Resolved issue that would cause an AC Failure restoral to show incorrect time stamp.

-Resolved issue that would cause Swinger Disable restore to report twice.

-Resolved issue that would cause Swinger Disable events to ignore Event Report Delay time.

-Resolved issue that would cause key fob to show trouble condition between first & second button press when enrolled by ID.

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