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  • The absolute most valuable tools are the green and red LEDs.
    • Green LED: Flickering = I am hearing one of the old wireless sensors.
    • Red LED:  Flickering = I am speaking the wireless language to the panel.
  • Steps to verify the signal path:
    • Enroll the Translator itself into the panel.  This enables monitoring tamper and battery status (which can also indicate loss of wall power).  But more importantly, it proves that the Translator is speaking the right language to the panel.
    • Trip an old wireless sensor and verify that the green LED flickers.  This proves that the Translator can hear and understand the old wireless sensors.
    • Trip an old wireless sensor and look for BOTH the green LED AND the red LED to flicker.  This means that the Translator is hearing AND passing on the signal.
      • If only the green LED is flickering than ensure the translator has learned this sensor. All sensors must be configured into the RE524X by using the configuration button.
      • The translator does not support life safety devices including rate of rise sensors.

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