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    • Of all the security industry wireless protocols, only the GE wireless protocol enables the use of multiple sensor repeaters in a system.  
      • In a GE system, where  RE524X sensor repeaters are used, the signals will only go through one sensor repeater, and will be stopped at the next sensor repeater.  
      • The GE installation can be made in a “star” pattern, with for example, and East Wing sensor repeater and a West Wing sensor repeater.  Bucket brigade (daisy chain) type installations will not work.
    • All other security industry wireless protocols, such as Napco, Honeywell, 2GIG, DSC, are problematic, because the signals can loop from repeater 1 to repeater 2 to repeater 1 to repeater 2… forever.  
      • The evidence of multiple sensor repeaters infinitely looping are that the green LED (I heard something) and the red LED (I am saying something) flicker for periods more than say 5 seconds.
      • Even if only one sensor repeater is in an installation, it is possible for a neighboring installation’s sensor repeater to join the party and cause problems.

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