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  • The RE508X has a 12v power supply included. It has a 1A output. Do not exceed this voltage.
  • The Re508X also has a rechargeable 24 hour battery backup. The battery will come connected but only use the juice once power up on 12 volts. The battery will recharge even after it completely drains.


For previous hardwire translator models see below:

  • Ships with 2 AA batteries.  The Translator itself will run for 3 years on these batteries, but will send low battery unless hooked to a 12VDC supply.
  • If you are running ONLY contacts, order an RE012 power supply, which is rated 12VDC, 100mA.
  • If you are running powered PIRs or Glass Breaks, you need battery backed up 12VDC power.  Use the power from the old panel, or get an Altronix supply and battery.

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