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The Universal Translators (both RE524X and RE508X) come packaged with a 12v power supply that uses a barrel connection. If a longer connection is needed there is also a 12v terminal to connect spliced wires into. There is also a 24 hour rechargeable battery back up. It is normal for this battery to be connected out of the box, this does not drain the battery.


Previous Translator modules:

  • Ships with 3 AAA batteries.  These are to ensure continued service if the wall power is lost.  Be careful though, every hour the Wireless Translator is operated on batteries only will subtract from the 72 hours total (3 days) that the batteries provide.
  • The Translator must get its normal power from an RE012 power supply, which is rated 12VDC, 100mA. No power supply is provided with these models. 
  • The #1 cause of this is having the power supply plugged into a switched or dead outlet.  Many tech support calls start out with the installer absolutely sure that he plugged it into a continuously alive outlet.

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