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Is a Translator like a Repeater?

Absolutely.  A Wireless Translator listening to existing sensors provides the same dramatic increase in range as using a Repeater.  So...
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Locating the Translator

It may be counter-intuitive, mounting the Translator too close to the panel can cause problems.  Control panels can become deaf...
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Supervision of the Translator

It is good practice to enroll the Translator itself into the panel in order to monitor tamper and battery status...
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EOL Resistors

For the Universal RE508X Hardwire to Wireless Translator: The translator does not require resistors for normally closed zones that do...
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Powering the Translator

The Universal Translators (both RE524X and RE508X) come packaged with a 12v power supply that uses a barrel connection. If...
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Powering the Translator

The RE508X has a 12v power supply included. It has a 1A output. Do not exceed this voltage. The Re508X...
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