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Understanding Connect+ Back-Up Battery


The Connect+ Panel comes with a 24-hour rechargeable battery back up inside. The panel will come with the battery already connected because the panel will never power up by the battery alone.

The battery can have three different statuses. The Connect+ Configuration pages will indicate on the Connect+ main the Panel Battery Status. Those statuses can be:

  • OK
  • Low 
  • Missing
Low – If a low battery message is present check event history for AC Failures to determine if the battery has been used recently. If a battery has been fully drained it will take up to 48 hours to completely charge the battery again. Low battery indication should clear before that time. If it has not restored within 48 hours power cycle the panel. If still showing Low, contact support as a replacement may be required.
Missing – Missing indicates the battery is disconnected from the panel. Unplug the battery and ensure it snaps into the connector on the panel. Close the panel and ensure the trouble has cleared.

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