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The RE508X Hardwire to Wireless Translator allows hardwire contacts to send wireless signal in the desired compatible protocol. This article steps a user through using the RE508X with the Connect+.

  1. Select mounting position and location of the Translator.
  2. Take wired contacts from previous panel and connect to the desired terminal on the Translator. REQUIRED: Use the 12V output on the Translator for powered zones, if any.
  3. Rotate the Panel Selector knob to Cryptix. The number 8 will be visible on the knob.
  4. Connect the 12V power supply (supplied) to the Translator. Translator has a 90 second lockout after power up. Do not change zone states (open, close) during this lock out.
  5. From the AlulaConnect.com or Connect+ Installer App, Add New Zone manually using the Cryptix serial number printed on the left hand side of the Translator board. The Translator does not take up a zone, this zone is the device attached to terminal 1.
  6. Configure the zone depending on application and device type*.
  7.  From Connect+ Installer app use the Add New Zone on Sensor button to add the next terminal on the translator. From AlulaConnect re-enter the same Crytpix serial number. Configure and repeat as needed for as many zones that are attached to the Translator. The Zone Input Index will represent zones 1-8 with “External Contact 1-8”.
  8. Test zones for desired behavior.
*See here for the Connect+ Configuration Guide – Table 6 – Zone Profiles (supplied with Connect+ panel) for information on default zone attributes (DWS, motion, glass-break etc.)
Additional Notes:
-Alula recommends using the supplied power supply, using other sources of power may have negative effects.
-For powered devices, the 12V output on the Translator can handle a draw up to 150mA maximum and 80mA for UL installations.
-The RE508X support normally open or normally closed zones.
-Since the RE508X unit is not a zone itself on the Connect+ if the RE508X is tampered or has a low battery those trouble conditions will appear on all zones attached to the Translator.
-For additional information on the RE508X see the full manual here.
-This product is NOT for use with life safety devices.
-This Product is NOT for use in bank installations.

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