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The RE508X Hardwire to Wireless Translator allows hardwire contacts to send wireless signal in the desired compatible protocol. This article steps a user through using the RE508X with the Connect+.

  1. Select mounting position and location of the Translator.
  2. Take wired contacts from previous panel and connect to the desired terminal on the Translator. REQUIRED: Use the 12V output on the Translator for powered zones, if any.
  3. Rotate the Panel Selector knob to Cryptix. The number 8 will be visible on the knob.
  4. Connect the 12V power supply (supplied) to the Translator. Translator has a 90 second lockout after power up. Do not change zone states (open, close) during this lock out.
  5. From the Configuration Page or Connect+ Installer App, Add New Zone manually using the Cryptix serial number printed on the left hand side of the Translator board. The Translator does not take up a zone, this zone is whatever device is attached to terminal 1.
  6. Configure the zone depending on application and device type*.
  7. Use the Add New Zone on Sensor button to add the next terminal on the translator, configure and repeat as needed for as many zones that are attached to the Translator.
  8. Test zones for desired behavior.
*See here for the Connect+ Configuration Guide – Table 6 – Zone Profiles (supplied with Connect+ panel) for information on default zone attributes (DWS, motion, glass-break etc.)
Additional Notes:
-Alula recommends using the supplied power supply, using other sources of power may have negative effects.
-For powered devices, the 12V output on the Translator can handle a draw up to 150mA maximum and 80mA for UL installations.
-The RE508X support normally open or normally closed zones.
-Since the RE508X unit is not a zone itself on the Connect+ if the RE508X is tampered or has a low battery those trouble conditions will appear on all zones attached to the Translator.
-For additional information on the RE508X see the full manual here.
-This product is NOT for use with life safety devices.
-This Product is NOT for use in bank installations.

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