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Alula introduced a Cryptix repeater to it lineup to offer an even bigger advantage over the competition. The Connect+ panel has already surpassed range tests on other panels by 2 to 4 times. So if supervisory or range issues are occurring on an install the repeater is sure to improve these circumstances. Since instances may be rare for the device to be required so your distributor may need to put in a special order. The part number for the Cryptix repeater is RE620.


Want to ensure your Connect+ is getting the best range before adding a repeater?

  • Ensure the Connect+ is mounted an ample amount of space between the panel and the router or other electronics. Connect+ comes with a 6 feet ethernet cable to ensure you do not have to be right next to a router. Starting with a few feet is best practice and moving further away (up to 6 feet or more) if issues with signal strength occur.
  • Orient sensors antenna in the same position as Connect+. Changing the orientation of the sensor or the panel will improve signal strength.
  • Move the panel closer to problem sensors. Connect+ is a versatile in its mounting capability. Move the panel to another location in the home business to harness the most of its range. Best practice is to start centrally located but if range issues arise the panel can be relocated closer to the most effected sensors.

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