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Connect+ is a versatile home automation system that seamlessly integrates various devices to enhance your smart home experience. Understanding its device connectivity limits is crucial to ensure optimal performance and to set expectations on product performance. In this article, we’ll discuss the maximum number of peripherial devices Connect+ can connect to and provide specific details for each device type.

Device Categories and Maximum Limits:

BTLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) and WiFi Devices: Connect+ supports a shared total limit of 8 BTLE and/or WiFi devices. These devices include various peripherals designed to make your smart home more efficient and secure.

    • BTLE Keypads (RE656): You can connect up to 8 BTLE keypads to your Connect+ system. These keypads are essential for controlling your security system and other smart devices in your home.
    • Touchpads and Touchpad Pros: Connect+ can accommodate up to 4 Touchpads or Touchpad Pros, which provide convenient control over your security and smart home features. The Touchpad interface resembles the mobile application for ease of use. Customize the layout and add Favorites to each Touchpad.
    • LED Keypads (RE653): Connect+ allows you to connect up to 8 LED keypads. These keypads offer a user-friendly interface for arming and disarming the security system. An LED bar along the top provides awareness to arming levels and trouble conditions. Settings can be adjusted for various installation requirements.
    • Bluetooth Wireless Siren (RE626): Connect+ supports 1 Bluetooth Wireless Siren. This device adds an audible alert to your security system, enhancing its effectiveness.

Non-BTLE/WiFi Devices: Some devices, like Keyfobs (RE600-5) and PINPads (RE652), do not utilize BTLE or WiFi for connectivity. These devices have their own enrollment limits.

      • Keyfobs (RE600-5): Connect+ supports up to 50 key fobs, allowing various household members or trusted individuals to access your home securely.
      • PINPads (RE652): You can enroll up to 8 PINPads in your Connect+ system. These PINPads provide an additional convenient and low cost option for arming and disarming your security system.

Optimizing Device Management: To make the most of your Connect+ system, it’s essential to carefully consider which devices you need and stay within the specified limits. This will ensure smooth operation and effective integration of your smart home components.

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