Alula Wins 2021 ESX Innovation Award For Giving Smart Home Security Installers New, Optimized Tools That Drive Profitable Business Growth

Electronic Security Association Recognizes IoT and Security Pioneer Alula for Third Consecutive Year

Alula, the leader in smart security and automation systems for professional installers, was recognized by the Electronic Security Association (ESA) at the 2021 Electronic Security Expo (ESX), winning the ESX Innovation Award in the Installation & Service Tools category. Alula’s latest win for their Platform Service Enhancements marks the third consecutive year Alula has received an Innovation Award at ESX.

Alula enjoys a rich history of award winning innovation for their products and services. In 2020, Alula won an Innovation Award, and was recognized as Best in Show runner up for the Slimline Touchpad in the Smart Home – Electronics/Control Systems category. In 2019, Alula’s BAT-Connect universal 5G-ready communicator took home the Innovation Award in the Intrusion Systems Category.

“This award reinforces Alula’s commitment to constantly innovate on behalf of professional dealer-partners. We’re honored to be recognized by the leaders of the security industry for providing alarm dealers with tools that will save them time and money and help strengthen their own brand in the eyes of their customers,” said Warren Hill, Vice President, Marketing and Partner Development at Alula. “Alula is focused on delivering value to professional security dealers and integrators with a comprehensive suite of services that improve overall customer engagement, satisfaction and retention.”

The three key elements to Alula’s latest service enhancement include:

Auto-configuration of Alula InteractiveTM: The Alula mobile app will automatically optimize the user interface based on the services that the customer has purchased, so the end-user only sees icons they can use. The app will automatically remove any unnecessary service options to streamline and simplify the customer experience.

Remote communication path enablement: The AlulaConnectTM platform has been enhanced to enable remote management of the communication path. From the beginning, Alula has allowed for triple-path connectivity utilizing Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and/or Cellular connections. This platform enhancement now allows professional dealers to remotely manage and toggle these paths, on and off, without rolling a truck.

Custom branding on app and touchpad: Alula Partners may now incorporate their logo, branding, and color scheme on both the mobile app and on the Slimline Touchpad. This customization is ideal for any professional installer looking to enhance brand recognition with their customers.

“Professional dealers are the lifeblood of this industry and consumers increasingly want them to serve as trusted partners to install, service and secure their smart home. These new service capabilities will empower our partners to do just that,” said Brian McLaughlin, CEO at Alula. “Alula’s continued focus is on delivering services and solutions that will help alarm professionals win in an increasingly competitive environment.” Updates

This page is a log for new features, updates, and improvements.

-AlulaConnect updates will include various enhancements, Alula technical support features, site maintenance, and bug fixes in addition to the highlights listed below.

Updates as of July 19th 2023

  • Improved handling for deleting a Customer when multiple panels are still registered to the users.
  • Added support for Central Stations Users to access billing portal.

Updates as of June 12th 2023

  • Added “Remove Kit” option to the Device’s Action Menu. This will remove any pre-programmed equipment from a preconfigured Connect+ panel if the panel is Factory Defaulted.
  • Added support for zone state to be displayed in the zone list for a specific zone.

Updates as of May 25th 2023

  • Added support for the RE603P Panic Pendant
  • Removed Phone Number as a User Creation requirement

Updates as of May 10th 2023

  • Added Unassign and Replace Device to Technician User types Action Menu.

Updates as of April 24th 2023

  • Added support for the Special Intrusion sensor profile when enrolling a sensor to Connect+.

Updates as of April 10th 2023

  • Generate a branded Welcome Email to be sent to new users. See Dealer Portal>Welcome Email for details on what you can send to customer.
  • Welcome Email can be sent at the end of Account creation.
  • Launched Communication Wizard for BAT-Fire set up.

Updates as of March 3rd 2023

  • Added Billing page inside Billing.Alula.Com is still available with deprecation date TBD.
  • Included Dealer Branding elements in emails sent to users.

Updates as of February 23rd 2023

  • Added support for Virtual Keypad with Vista 128 in the end-user portal.

Updates as of February 9th 2023

  • Added ability for central station logins to manage Account Transfers.
  • Added support for Medical Alarm and Flammable Gas in Alarm Types for Connect+ panels.

Updates as of January 24th 2023

  • Support ability to update a Local Only User to a Sub User
  • Added the option to select a Zone Profile when enrolling a zone. This allows installers to select a non-default profile when enrolling a zone. This improves scenarios such as a DWS installed as a perimeter zone or configuring hardwired zones.

Updates as of December 21st 2022

  • Support ability to update Sub User to an Account User. This User Type gives the same authorities as an Account Owner.
  • On the Overview page the Keyfob Status was updated to Keyfob Low Battery.

Updates as of December 6th 2022

  • Added direct download of CSV exports (previously CSVs were emailed).
  • Allows Dealers to enroll Technician Users into Alula Services Status Updates emails.

Updates as of November 15th 2022

  • Support for remote configuration of Touchpad setting (requires Touchpad firmware version or later).
  • Added ability to active cellular on BAT-Fire remotely.

Updates as of November 7th 2022

  • Refined consumer password reset workflow brining both reset options into one window (see additional notes on October 3rd release).

Updates as of October 3rd 2022

  • Updates to consumer password reset workflows. Enhanced security now required. Account Owners, Account Users, Technicians, and Dealers are prompted to re-enter their login password when resetting.

Updates as of September 16th 2022

  • Added ability to promote a Technician to a Dealer permission level.
  • Improved Device assignment and Customer Creation workflows.
  • Added support for future RE611P release.

Updates as of September 7th 2022

  • Added additional searches central stations with bound dealers.
  • Disable cellular radio when choosing sole path Ethernet for BAT-Fire.
  • Added “Override Panel Account Number” for BAT-Fire.
  • Renamed “Sensors” tab to “Peripherals” tab.
  • Added option to “Show” the Installer code and password.

Updates as of August 9th 2022

  • Added ability to export Sensor/Zone list

Updates as of July 19th 2022

  • Moved Global Volume Settings to the Panel Settings page.
  • Added Alula Messenger to reporting metrics.

Updates as of  June 22nd 2022

  • Added Account Creation Wizard that walks through the entire process of account creation in a single window.
  • Added ability to Search by Feature Plans.

Updates as of June 14th 2022

  • Improved sensor enrollment workflow for single Zone Input Index devices.
  • Showing BAT-Fire pricing in the Communication Tab.
  • Improved handling of online/offline status of Cameras.
  • Resolved issue that allowed BAT-Fire Inputs to be mapped to the same zone number.

Updates as of May 10th 2022

  • Added Camera Account Number field. This number is searchable and will appear in your billing file.
  • Added Overview Tab for Cameras.

Updates as of May 2nd 2022

  • Improved handling of  phone number entry particularly when copy/pasted.
  • Added Overview tab for Cameras.

Updates as of April 4th 2022

  • Added enable/disable enroll mode on Touchpads page.
  • Support of Lat/Lon set in the Overview tab. Currently set in mobile applications to run Scenes.
  • Added feature to remove Account entirely after unassigning a Device. Additional confirmation is required before deleting customer record.
  • Support for new Tilt sensor device type.

Updates as of March 21st 2022

  • Added support for BAT-Connect Installer Code. This is used by the Touchpad only.
  • Removed Automated Phone Call option from Notification menu.

Updates as of February 26th 2022

  • Added counter and tracker for 3G cellular devices.
  • Added Advanced Search for Users.
  • Added filters for searching devices in Programs.

Updates as of February 15th 2022

  • Support for stitching clips into a single video on the end user portal.
  • Support for Connect+ sensors to be programmed Normally Open or Normally Closed.

Updates as of February 2nd 2022

  • Added Company Name field for customer records.
  • Added deactivation of cellular radio into the device registration workflow
  • AlulaConnect will not deactivate cellular when devices are unregistered.
  • Improved BAT-Fire workflow and helper text.

Updates as of January 18th 2022

  • Improved handling of lower supervision times for BAT-Fire.
  • Show Touchpad signal strength.
  • Removed enrollment for Alula Sunset Program. See current Service Credit Program for details.

Updates as of January 6th 2022

  • Added Alarm state condition to branding preview.
  • Added graph for troubles over time.

Updates as of December 9th 2021

  • Rework of BAT-Fire supervision selection.
  • Improve handling of branding package with Alula API.

Updates as of November 30th 2021

  • Removed Enroll option when Connect+ panel is armed.
  • Added reports for additional Trouble reports.
  • Added support for the new Touchpad Pro device type.
  • Added online/offline status for Cameras.
  • Increased bulk import limit to 2000.

Updates as of November 9th 2021

  • Added Info bar to Devices and Camera pages. Shows activation date and ability to copy MAC or serial number.
  • Added Branding previews.
  • Improved Relay Status of BAT-Fire signals.

Updates as of October 29th 2021

  • Added support for changing BAT-Fire NNC
  • Removed options for legacy products to receive updates.

Updates as of October 19th 2021

  • Improved firmware update progress bar.
  • BAT-Fire enhancements.
  • Resolved issue for Clare product not showing receiver info.

Updates as of October 12th 2021

  • Improved formatting and verbiage on BAT-Fire specific menus.
  • Resolved issue that was preventing saving BAT-Fire routing with no AES encryption.

Updates as of October 1st 2021

  • Accept company logo for Touchpad branding.
  • Added options for color picker and hex code look up for color branding.

Updates as of September 21st 2021

  • Release of new tabs for programming and configuring BAT-Fire.

Updates as of September 15th 2021

  • Added filtering for Devices by Features. Pull reports based on Devices with Alarm Transmission, Alarm Notifications, Interactive Services, Home Automation, FailSafe, two-way voice, and Alarm Verification services.

Updates as of September 8th 2021

  • Display “Chatty” near sensors that no longer show state changes. BAT-Connect will declare a sensor “Chatty” when its exceeded 10 state changes in less than 10 minutes. Contact support for a complete understanding of the algorithm.

Updates as of August 31st 2021

  • Handling termination fees for unregistering a device in a Sunset or Builder Program.
  • Support for a Move-Out behavior. Move Out command will remove PINs from panel and reset and Z-Wave lock.
  • Created an Email link from the Customer Profile.
  • Improved handling of AlulaConnect Signals page.

Updates as of August 8th 2021

  • Improved use of browsers back button by removing each tab from being logged to browser history.
  • Added ability to configure a Bosch Conettix receiver which will be used exclusively for the BAT-Fire products.
  • Resolved issue that was causing Last Name to be required for a PIN-Only User.

Updates as of July 22nd 2021

  • Mange creation and display of Account Users which allows same authority as the Account Owner
  • Combined the Account Devices and Sub-User Devices tabs.
  • Various other navigation improvements based on changes to User creation and Device management

Updates as of July 14th 2021

  • Support for new Long Life DWS.

Updates as of June 28th 2021

  •  Added ability to add a PIN Only User to Connect+ and BAT-Connect systems.
  • Added Developer Tools inside AlulaConnect logins.
  • Resolved issue preventing Dealers from being bound to a Central Station.

Updates as of June 2nd 2021

  • Export CSVs – Dealer logins can get an CSV file emailed from Alula of both Customer and Device lists. 

Updates as of May 12th 2021

  • Allow IP-Only configuration of BAT-Connect or Connect+ w/Cellular Card. Cellular can be enabled again anytime, without a truck roll. Fee applies to re-activations. 

Updates as of May 5th 2021

  • Created Profile page for Cameras that include account details. 
  • Added 601 Test signal from platform to CS. This would allow to test CS configurations without a device online. 

Updates as of April 27th 2021

  • Resolved issues that would cause Central Stations to see 500 error when checking IP Receivers connections page. 
  • Removed “Lighting Controls During Alarms” feature from AlulaConnect. The feature was not allowed for Certification by Z-Wave Alliance. 
  • Remove the “More Actions” button from Local Only Users. 
  • Resolved issue on consumer portal that could show incorrect temperatures of Temp Sensor. 

Updates as of April 20th 2021

  • Allow Partners to enroll into Alula’s Sunset Program right through AlulaConnect login.
  • Created workflow for CSTs reps to create Partners subdomain for AlulaConnect. Partners can now ask CST reps for domains of  

Updates as of April 13th 2021

  • Added feature to allow Local Only Users. These users will only require a First Name, and a PIN to save. 
  • Removed Disable Auto Updates feature from Connect+ & BAT-Connect devices. 
  • Resolved issue that could cause Arming Bar on consumer portal to not update properly. 

Updates as of March 22nd 2021

  • Resolved issue with video clips on consumer web portal. 
  • Resolved issue that prevents Technical users from using the Replace Device feature. 

Updates as of March 16th 2021

  • VKP support for Concord panels.
  • Resolved issue where Panel Settings for Cover Tamper and Wall Tamper were not displayed. 
  • Added additional User Column to show User Type. 

Updates as of 02/08/21

  • Updates to Dashboard screen with additional reporting or business intelligence features.
  • Added option to select IP only for BAT-Connect and Connect+ panels. Can be selected per device in the Preferences tab.

Updates as of 01/05/21

  • Add feature to reveal User PIN.
  • Resolved issue that would prevent users from adding Open/Close and Bypass notifications from portal.
  • Improved handling of multiple Announcements.
  • Resolved issues related to Phone Number validation.

Updates as of 12/2/2020

  • Video Clips added to consumer login. View clips from a timeline or per camera. Download directly to computer storage.

Updates as of 10/21/2020

  • Announcement Board added. Announcement Board will be used to update messaging on firmware releases, AlulaConnect updates, maintenance and service impacts.

Updates as of 10/14/2020

  • Added Dealer Code configuration to support NAPCO panels with BAT-Connect.

Updates as of 06/15/2020

  • Improved Replace Device feature for CDMA to BAT-Connect devices.
  • Improved CRM integrations.

Video Services Degradation

05:00 a.m. CDT – Video notifications, clip collection, and live look-in services were significantly degraded and intermittently unavailable

11:00 a.m. CDT – Services restored for live look-in – Clip services and notifications are catching up and processing previous events and expect to fully recover over the next couple of hours

External SSL Certificate Expiration

  • Event Detail:  Intermediate SSL certification expiration prevented some services to lose connectivity to Alula APIs
  • Events Status: Resolved

BAT-Connect Firmware Release Notes

BAT-Connect Main Processor V0.2.3.0 Firmware Release Notes 

Released 03/25/2022

New Features: 

  • Added handling of 606 (two-way voice) singal with continuous stream of events. This improvement ensures that central stations receive the 606 signal with an alarm event in the same receiver and line number. 
  • Added status for chatty sensors zone status. This ensures the platform has the current zone status when the chatty zone status ends. 
  • Added support for Ecolink Z-Wave siren. The siren will automatically follow alarm and status siren cadences that sound from the interior siren.

Bug Fixes: 

  • Resolved issue that was causing force arm to fail when arming Stay on Concord 4 panel 
  • Resolved issue with DSC panels that causes no sounds to play after arming Stay.

BAT-Connect Main Processor V0.1.30.0 Firmware Release Notes


New Feature: 

  • Support for Touchpad OTA updates. Allows Touchpads to connect to the local WiFi network when downloading larger firmware updates.

Bug Fixes:

  • Improved handling of reconnects to Alula platform. This was caused by missing keepalive packets when BAT-Connect determined sensors were “chatty”, meaning the zone status is changing very rapidly. 
  • Resolved issue that caused Daylight Savings Time to not switch over this fall.

BAT-Connect Main Processor V0.1.29.0 Firmware Release Notes


New Features:

  • When Touchpad is enrolled BAT-Connect will check for updates automatically.
  • Improved zone suppression for “chatty” sensors.
  • Suppressed “Ready to Arm” status changes in the case where zone changes are rapidly changing (chatty).
  • Improved handling of reconnects after a Factory Default.
  • Added check for BAT-Connect to ask for local time (5 times per day) when time zone is not set. Previously only occurred on resets.

Panel Specific Support:


  • Auto-detect of motion detectors.
  • Added support to clear alarms on Napco 816 & 1632 31G revisions.


  • Improved handling of Panel Programming Complete status to ensure the entire zone list is included.
  • Resolved issue that would require a Concord panel to be disarmed to bypass zones.
  • Resolved issue that was increasing the user number by 1 when bypassing


  • Added support for Vista 48A with zones over 48. Previously zones 49-64 would be read as new zones each time the BAT-Connect connected to the panel or when one of those zones changes states.


  • Increased polling time for thermostats. This will avoid locking up thermostats.
  • Improved Z-Wave Optimization routing.
  • Improved handling of S2 encrypted devices when enrollment failed.
  • Resolved issue that could cause BAT-Connect to reset when locks were being send the wrong command to unlock.

Bug Fixes:

  • Resolved issue that would show no errors when adding a new User when the panel is full. Error will be “Invalid user number”.
  • Resolved handling of naming a Touchpad where certain scenario of reconnects would default this name.
  • Resolved issue that would shut down ethernet interface too quickly after receiving valid WiFi credentials.
  • Zone status was being suppressed even if other zone status bit changed in addition to momentary open status. Now we suppress zone status only if the suppressed status are the only ones that changed.

BAT-Connect Main Processor V0.1.28.0 Firmware Release Notes

Release for force check in only 04/12/2021

New Features:

  • Concord support – Full Interactive on Concord 4. Virtual keypad is supported on the Concord 2, 3, & Express panels .
  • Adding zone offset of 800 for Modular Interface Failures. Previously displayed a zone number. Ethernet = 800, WiFi Infrastructure = 801, WiFi Soft AP = 802, Cellular = 803, Z-Wave = 804.
  • Updated handling of CS comm fail – Previously monitored path from BAT-Connect to Alula Platform. Update will monitor the path all the way to the central station.
  • Improved handling of panel status after resets reducing the time AlulaConnect will show “offline”.
  • Improved handling of Touchpad reconnects after a BAT-Connect resets.
  • DSC – support for Zone Type 27 & 28 to fire/smoke.


  • Added Z-Wave door lock and unlock trigger options to distinguish between lock/unlock by keypad, manual, or remote.
  • Add Scene Trigger to specify during or after Exit Delay.
  • Added check for door lock anti-theft feature. If present, Touchpad or mobile app will prompt user to enroll the device back into the previous system for proper removal.
  • Added check for online devices that are not reporting status. “No response Failure” appears in Touchpad or mobile app and suggests to power cycle device.
  • Resolved issue for DST on Sunrise and Sunset Scenes.
  • Resolved issue that could cause door lock status to be out of sync. 

Bug Fixes:

  • Resolved issues for DSC showing improper zone type. Zone Type 05 will show as PIR.


BAT-Connect V0.1.22.0 Firmware Release Notes
Release for over the air update: 12/11/2020

  • Improved handling of Network Processor updates.

BAT-Connect V0.1.20.0 Firmware Release Notes
Release for over the air update: 10/14/2020

New Features:

  • Full interactive support for Napco GEM 800/801 panels.
  • Expanded support for DSC user management from Virtual Keypad. Up to 96 users.
  • Add Fire Trouble condition in panel status, used by Napco 800 and NX panels.
  • Additional support for Long Range Radio supervision which is required for uDownloader support of Vista 128 panels.
  • Added support for NAPCO panels duress code.
  • Vista – support for silent arming for Stay and Night levels from Touchpad.
  • DSC, Napco, Caddx – suppress Exit Delay beeps on Touchpad when silent arming is initiated from a native keypad.
  • Added additional Z-Wave scenes for door locks (keypad entry, manual, remote RF).


Bug Fixes:

  • Napco 816/1632 – improved handling of zone bypass.
  • DSC – Improved handling of disarming while in Exit Delay.
  • Resolved issue that would cause Cell and Z-Wave to show the same trouble condition when supervised.
  • Resolved issue causing a CS Comm Fail trouble to persist after it was restored.
  • Improved handling of Panel Type.
  • Various bugs with Scene triggers.
  • Resolved issue with door lock user codes.
  • Resolved issue with Optimize Z-Wave Network.



  • Improved handling of sessions ending, session timeout, and sync timing.
  • Added response to match BAT-LTE of unknown commands, and session complete for DSC.
  • Improved handling of multiple messages back to back on Honeywell.
  • Various bug fixes and enhancements.


BAT-Connect Main Processor V0.1.15.0 Firmware Release Notes

Bug Fixes:

  • Improves handling of BAT-Connect programming DSC panel when a local keypad has
    gone into programming mode. Resolves issue that could cause keypresses from multiple sources
    which would change programming fields unexpectedly.


BAT-Connect Main Processor V0.1.13.0 Firmware Release Notes

Special Note: This version will NOT release to units in the field automatically. Firmware updates will happen on first power up, power cycle, or Check For Firmware Updates command from

New Features:

  • Added interactive control for Napco GEM P816 and P1632. Event capture via telco.
    • Compatible with Touchpad version v.02.12.0 and later. Virtual Keypad and Ambush code support in future BAT Connect release.
  • Disabled Interface Supervision is default. Devices with supervision enabled will get disabled. Supervision can be manually enabled.
  • Improvements to WiFi handling.
  • Comm test event (358) sent for daily interface troubles/restorals. Previously expansion module (333).
  • Improved handling of Update LED status.
  • Improved handling of remote Factory Default command.
  • Allow 49 sub-users for “unknown” panel types.
  • Increased Touchpad enrollment mode to 5 minutes. Previously 1 minute.



  • Updates to triggers in Scenes.
  • New Feature: Z-Wave Network Health – continuously checks all Z-Wave devices in the background for signal strength and attempts to correct errors.
  • Resolved issue with delays from LUX brand thermostats.
  • Resolved issues writing user codes to Shlage door locks supporting Security S2.


Bug Fixes:

  • Resolved issues that would suppress duplicate signals from Vista panel with no timeout. Time out is 5 minutes.
  • Improved handling of FailSafe during Entry Delay. Maximum entry delay is 5 minutes.
  • Resolved issue with DSC entry delay status while in alarm.
  • Improved handling of panel detection
  • Resolved issues with Touchpad on NX for arming and exit beeps.
  • Resolved issue with disarming during disarm state.
  • Improved handling of NX exit delay time

BAT-Connect V0.1.10.0. Firmware Release Notes


New Features:

  • Interlogix NX panel support, full interactive and virtual keypad. Read enabled zone
    types and names from NX panels and populate platform zones. Full support for NX4,
    NX-4V2, NX-6, NX-6V2, NX-8, NX-8V2, NX-8E.
  • Read zone types and zone names from any DSC panel. Populate zones in BAT-Connect
    and sync to the platform. Requires PC-Link to be connected.
  • Support for Virtual Keypad mode on all DSC panels.
  • Support for Vista 128 panel, Virtual Keypad mode only.
  • Zone status suppression for zones with excessive open/close activity. Also, suppress
    panel status changes of “open zones”.
  • Zone chime support. Chime is sounded on touchpads. Chime open & chime closed are
    supported. Entry/exit zones default to having “chime open” enabled.
  • Send panel status to platform every 5 seconds during entry delay to support FailSafe.
  • Event reporting for all partitions that are enabled in the connected panel.
  • Check-in with config server every 4 minutes after power-up, if server hostnames are
    blank (not registered). The fast check-in is randomized at slightly more than 4 minutes
    and will do that for the first 4 hours after power-up or until registered.
  • Improved handling of DSC Master Code when partition Master was being entered.
  • Improved handling of Honeywell panels without AUI field.
  • Improved handling of cellular signal strength when connected to LTE.

Bug Fixes:

  • Resolved issues where Touchpad sirens would not shut down during a two-way session.
  • Resolved issue for scenes, accidentally removing z-wave triggers before z-wave is ready.
  • Resolved issue – cover tamper status is now sent to the platform whenever it changes.
  • Improved uDownloader support for DSC panels, and improved platform connection for
  • Various other bug fixes.

Touchpad Firmware Release Notes

Touchpad v0.3.20.0 Release Notes

Released for over the air update 12/11/2023. This release requires a local network connection to download.

  • Increased font size for PIN entry
  • Improved AC Fail shutdown procedure for the Touchpad Pro. Shutdown will happen automatically at 3.65V or when the battery gets below 20%. Removed automatic shutdown after 30 minutes of AC failure on Touchpads over 3 years old (see v. release notes).
  • If the Touchpad is not enrolled, the Touchpad will prompt the user to shutdown at 45% battery and shutdown automatically 5 minutes after that message appears.
  • Added low power mode for all Touchpads. During AC Fail events Touchpads will decrease volume & screen brightness levels. Touchpads volume and brightness levels will return when power is restored.
  • Lowered screen brightness during power up.
  • Resolved issues related to video including, missing clip thumbnails, halted notifications, and failure to pull live view.
  • Improved handling of Touchpad branding. In some cases when multiple Touchpads are enrolled only the first Touchpad would get branding until the next check in.
  • Various other bug fixes and enhancements.

Touchpad v0.3.19.0 Release Notes

Released for over the air update 06/21/2023.

  • Resolved issue that would prevent a zone’s state changes showing in Favorites list.
  • Improved handling of zone bypass from Favorites menu.
  • Resolved issue that causes the Clean Screen feature to stick. 
  • Resolved issue that did not show credentials on the Alula Cloud screen. 
  • Adjusted low battery and shutdown thresholds. Touchpad Pros and Touchpads will go into low battery trouble at 45% and shutdown at 30%. Touchpads older than 3 years will shutdown after 30 minutes of AC Fail trouble. These changes were made to prevent a lockup state that made the device hard to recover from. For troubleshooting this issue see here.
  • Improved packet sequence number handling to enhance communication. 
  • Resolved issue that was only displaying the attention banner for zone troubles. Attention will now show for any peripheral trouble. 
  • Resolved issue that would cause pop up menus to be stuck if they Touchpad would Sleep when the menu was up. 
  • Improved screens handling primary and secondary network details. 
  • Resolved issue that caused button beeps when the volume changes were made remotely with AlulaConnect.
  • Various other bug fixes and enhancements

Touchpad v0.3.18.0 Release Notes

Released for over the air update 05/01/2023.

  • Added all Peripheral devices to the Security tab.
  • Added ability to hide all controls in camera Live View to improve viewing window.
  • Added support for panel status volume and wireless siren volume.
  • Various bug fixes and enhancements.

Touchpad v0.3.13.0 Release Notes

Released for over the air update 11/15//2022.

  • Added support for remote configuration of Touchpad settings from AlulaConnect.

Touchpad v0.3.11.0 Release Notes

Released for over the air update 09/15//2022.

  • Enables two-way audio from JSW cameras to the Touchpad. Hardware vs0309 and later.
  • Added configuration for motion detection areas on CAM-OD-HS2-AI.
  • Added object detection configuration for CAM-OD-HS2-AI.
  • Added support for motion detection regions on JSW cameras.
  • Added support for JSW 360 Home Location configuration.
  • Added ability to enter secondary network. This allows Touchpad to get updates directly from local network when Connect+ or BAT-Connect is on cell. This was previously only available when updates were available. Auto-updates will occur automatically when secondary network is available.
  • Various big fixes and system enhancements.

Touchpad v0.3.10.0 Release Notes

Released for over the air update 06/27/2022 for Touchpads with internet access.

  • Ability to switch to local network connection once available. Previously require a reset to switch.
  • Provide prompt to connect to local network when downloading through BAT-Connect or Connect+ and when downloading over cellular connection.
  • Added progress bar for OTA downloads.
  • Resolves issue where new camera line would not appear in the Camera list if other camera models were also enrolled.

Eight steps forward and one sideways for the security industry

The security business is in the midst of upheaval, with tech giants like Google and Amazon offering consumers the tools to set up and operate their own secure smart homes. And, the rise of IoT gadgets is further redefining the industry. However, if the last several decades serve as a guide, change and upheaval are the norm for security professionals. New technologies shift solutions and business models, and give both installing dealers and consumers new opportunities and experiences.

Nest, Ring and other products are just the latest in a long series of developments that have changed the way security professionals approach the market. To put recent disruptions into the proper context, I offer eight other technology changes that altered—and ultimately enriched—the security industry:

1. Wireless obsoletes wires

Security installers used to run wires from the basement of a customer’s home and throughout the house to connect components to the alarm system panel. It was a complex, time-consuming process.

With the availability of reliable wireless sensors, installers were suddenly able to set up a system in a fraction of the time. While the charge for equipment went up, it was offset by a greater reduction in labor cost. This faster installation meant dealers could install more systems in a day, which was the initial opening that enabled volume security.

(ITI introduced its patented Learn Mode as the first reliable, simple-to-install wireless to the security industry in the early 1990s. Ademco eventually followed with their 5800 series, which set off a patent battle.)

2. Self-contained panels make it all-in-one

Even after wireless eliminated sensor wires, home security systems still required wires to connect the keypad user interface to the CPU. The self-contained panel solved this by bringing the UI and the CPU together into a single unit. This was the other major disruption that cut dealer labor costs by enabling multiple installations in a day.

In addition, reliable wireless initiated the security business-model pivot from the labor and equipment revenue focus to a monthly monitoring revenue focus. And the low-labor, rapid installs catalyzed the fast-paced door-to-door summer sales model, spearheaded by APX, which ultimately became Vivint.

(In 1996, ITI introduced Simon, the first high-volume, self-contained panel to both the dealer and the summer sales markets. Ademco, which eventually became Honeywell, followed with Lynx.)

2.5 The cellular setback

Self-contained panels brought on a problem. Since they needed to be mounted where the consumer would interact with the panel, they were no longer near the alarm panel’s communication link, which to this point, had been the phone line. Traditional panels were mounted in utility areas next to the phone line. But now, self-contained panels need to be 100 percent outfitted with cellular communication.

Cellular added significantly to the cost of account creation and maintenance. Likewise, cellular technology requires expensive updates, and most companies also need to set aside approximately $5 per month, per account, to fund the cost imposed by the next cellular technology sunset, including parts, labor and lost opportunity.

3. Interactive services enrich the experience

Consumers were accustomed to basic arm/disarm control of home security systems via keypads on the wall. Then, early interactive services introduced control of security and basic automation remotely from computers or phones. However, the convergence of interactive services with the smartphone changed everything.

The screens of iPhones and other mobile devices offered users a rich user interface, enhancing the ability to control their systems remotely. This combination enabled dealers to increase their revenue by offering additional services, and the trend continues as more homeowners seek to control their lighting systems, video doorbells, thermostats and other smart gadgets via their phones. Interactive services dramatically increased the recurring revenue value of saleable alarm contracts, which had been launched by Monitronics and ADT in the late 1990s.
(MicroStrategy (which became started working with Interlogix (formerly ITI) in 2000 to integrate interactive services into both the Simon and Concord panels. was launched on Interlogix panels in 2003. Note: this 16-year-old innovation is shutting down at the end of 2019.)

4. Old systems get in touch

As interactive services and the smartphone user interface expanded the consumers’ user experience, control panel manufacturers were under pressure to give a similarly rich experience at the panel. This led to the shift from keypads and small LCD screens to the now pervasive touchscreen on front of a self-contained panel. The richer, touch-based screen paralleled the smartphone experience, supporting increased consumer perceptions of usefulness and value.

(2GIG launched the GoControl touchscreen self-contained panel in 2009.)

5. Translating the past to the present

Historically, homeowners that already had security systems were viewed as unlikely candidates for system sales. However, the opposite proved true; if they are near or past the end of their previous service contract, they are often open to enhanced services from a new provider. But the existence of the old system inhibited the sale, as the homeowners felt they were buying yet another system, and the dealer couldn’t take advantage of the existing system.

Enter the innovative Translators, solving this by keeping all the existing wireless sensors in place, and translating the signals to the dealer’s new high-functionality panel. Taking over existing accounts with Translators became a deliberate business model for many dealers.

(Resolution Products (now Alula) launched and the patented wireless Translator line in 2010.)

6. First telephone, then cellular, now internet

Early in the industry, alarm signaling used public telephone lines and when cellular arrived, it provided backup communications. But with landlines disappearing and cellular communications gradually taking over, the sunsets of various wireless standards present a new problem. To the rescue is IP communications over internet connections. The IP connection means constant, reliable, sunset-proof connectivity, which is of growing importance as IoT devices drive the internet as the primary home technology channel. In the U.S., we see almost 90 percent penetration of reliable broadband in our market which wasn’t true just 10 years ago.

(IP Datatel (now Alula) pioneered the Broadband Alarm Transceiver (BAT), IP-based alarm communicators, in 2007.)

7. The hub: sitting at the source

Self-contained panels combined the UI and the CPU into a single unit, which sped up installations. But two forces pushed towards the hub-architected panel. First, the self-contained panel demanded mounting in user-convenient locations, nowhere near the phone lines. This drove the Cellular Setback (mentioned earlier), with its $100 burden, and still provided no backup. Second, the smartphone was solidifying as the primary user interface. So, the hub-based panel was launched, locating the CPU next to the IP connection, and leveraging the smartphone as the predominant user interface. If cellular was used, it was the consumer’s desire for backup, not the dealer’s cost of connection.

(Resolution Products (now Alula) launched and patented the Helix hub-based panel in 2014, which is now the Connect+.)

8. Instant upgrade for old panels 

With recent product introductions, dealers will be able to maximize their revenue by breathing new life into traditional security panels. New innovation enables old panels to participate in all the industry’s automation and video advancements, as well as provide the ability to replace every old keypad in a house with new, rich interface touchpads. In this way, installers can offer their customers dramatically advanced functionality that won’t sunset along with cellular standards, which are outfitted for today’s new IoT devices.

(Alula launched the BAT-Connect in 2019 to lead this transformation of old panels to a modern, interactive experience.)


Security professionals must remember: constant change and disruption is the norm. The industry has been changed by technology, business models and people. In the security industry, it has frequently been the same people involved in almost all of these disruptions. Rather than setting security professionals back, these changes virtually always open up new opportunities.

The rise of DIY security and the moves of tech giants don’t spell doom for installers. Rather, it’s just the next day in the life of an industry that evolves and grows constantly. If anything, the pace of disruption will continue to accelerate. As the recent shutdown of Interlogix shows, security providers need to continually embrace new technologies and partners who can innovate and help them succeed.

Brian Seemann is an EVP of Alula. He and other Alula principals originate from industry hallmark companies: ITI, Interlogix, GE Security, Resolution Products and IP Datatel. They were instrumental in many, if not most of the major industry changes chronicled in this piece. Connect via LinkedIn.