How Are Signals Received By The End-User In The Event Of An Alarm?

How are signals relayed to the end user in the event of an alarm?

Alula utilizes text messages, push notifications, emails, and automated phone calls to notify customers of alarm events.

Push Notifications and Email notification can be enabled under the “Preferences” tab under the customer account in AlulaConnect.

Can The Dealer View Device Signals?

Can a dealer view device signals?

The answer is YES.

Sign into AlulaConnect, and select the desired customer account from the Customer’s tab.

Click the “Account Devices” tab at the top of the screen, and select the device for which you wish to view signals.

Select the “Event Log” tab at the top of the screen. All signals that have been transmitted successfully from the panel to the communicator will appear here.

Can I Access Multiple Locations Using One Application?

Can I access multiple locations using one application?

The answer is YES.

Within AlulaConnect, you can assign multiple MAC addresses to the same account, by clicking the “Add Hardware” link under the customer’s device page. This will allow the customer to access multiple locations through one application login.

Each device’s MAC address will need to be registered and associated to one customer account.

How Do I Change The Customer’s Username?

How do I change a customer’s username?

In AlulaConnect, navigate to your customer list and click on the intended customer.

Under the “Account” tab, edit the “Username” field to the updated username that you desire.

Click “Save.”

The username is now successfully changed.

How To Change My Dealer Password?

How do I change my dealer password?

Log into AlulaConnect with your existing dealer credentials.

Click on your dealer name in the top right corner, and a dropdown menu will appear. Select “Edit Profile.”

Click on the “Reset Password” link on the right side of the screen. You will be prompted to enter your new password twice to confirm accuracy. Click “Save.”

Your password is now successfully changed.

How To Associate Equipment With An Account?

How do I Associate Equipment With An Account?

Using AlulaConnect, navigate to the desired customer account to which you wish to add hardware.

Click on the “Account Devices” tab on the top of the page, followed by the blue “Add Hardware” box at the top right of the page.

If this is a new device, input the MAC address and CRC number into the corresponding fields and click “continue.” If this is a pre-registered device, click on the “Existing Device” tab and begin typing the MAC address into the field until it auto-populates. Click “continue.”

The device is now added to the customer account.

How Do I Replace/Swap A Device?

  • Register Hardware (all devices have to be registered to your company inventory prior to being added to a customer account)
  • Click ‘Dealer Menu’ select ‘Hardware Registration
  • Enter the 12-character mac address and CRC number, click on ‘Register Hardware
  • Click on ‘Dealer Menu’ select ‘User Accounts’, click on the customer’s ‘username
  • On the ‘Account Contact‘ page, click on ‘Add Hardware‘ button.
  • On the ‘Registered Devices’ pop-up window, locate the mac address in the right column and click on the associated serial number hyperlink in the left column
  • Click on ‘Add Device
  • With both devices on the account, click on the new mac address
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the ‘Device Profile’ page, click ‘Run Migration
  • Click on ‘Remove Device’ to the far right of the old unit
  • Select the closest ‘Reason for Removing‘ device from the dropdown and click on ‘Complete Removal

How Can Sub Users Access Mobile App?

How Can Sub Users Access Mobile App?

On AlulaConnect, click on the “Customers” tab on the left side of the page, and proceed to click on the desired account.

Click on the “Sub-Users” tab on the top of the page.

Next select the blue “Add Sub User” box in the top right corner.

Search for the primary account device (BAT, Connect +) and select said device.

Click on the “Users” tab on the top of the page then toggle the device to enable it for the sub-user.

Sub-user now has access to the Alula Mobile App.