How To Register Equipment

  • Sign in to using your Dealer username and password
  • Click ‘Dealer Menu’ drop down, select ‘Hardware Registration’
  • Enter 12-character mac address and crc number, click ‘Register Hardware’
  • When registered, the ‘Successfully Registered MAC address‘ message will appear

How To Recover Lost Password

As the end-user, go to, click on the ‘recover password’, a temporary password will be sent to the email address the end user has on their account.

As the dealer, log into, click on the end user’s username, click on the ‘Change Password’ button, click ‘Submit’.

How To Create Sub Users

How do I add sub-users?

From AlulaConnect, select the desired customer account from the customer tab on the left side.

Once you’ve selected an account, click on the “Sub-Users” tab, and select the blue “Add Sub User” link in the upper right corner of the window.

Populate the required fields for the sub-user, and click “Save.”

Sub-user is now successfully added to the account.

Antennas Part Descriptions

Our CDMA devices are compatible with any high-gain antenna that has:

  •  a SMA connection
  • Frequency range of 800, 1900 MHz

External Antenna: IPD-BATCU-ANT-ER
Extension Cable only: IPD-BATCU-ANT-EX

Do I Need A Phone Line When Using Your Products? No

  • Our communicators and smart devices utilize the Internet and Cellular networks to relay alarm signals and device controls.
  • Our dual-path products offer alarm communications over Internet with a fail-over to Cellular providing redundancy to enable the best in alarm reliability for your customers.
  • Our Internet-based communicators utilize either an Ethernet connection or Wi-Fi and the Cellular Communicators connect directly to Verizon’s LTE and CDMA Cellular network.

Which Alarm Panels Are Supported By Your Products?

Please visit a complete list

  • Alula has designed all of our alarm communicators to work with panels which utilize Contact ID (CID).
  • Alula has gone one step further by enabling keybus connectivity to select Honeywell, DSC, and GE/Caddx panels providing remote keypad programming thus eliminating the need for a truck-roll.
  • Any product with the term ‘BAT’ will work on our ‘Fully supported’ panels such as Honeywell, DSC, and GE to provide a full functional virtual keypad
  • All other products other than the “BAT” will work on our ‘Partially supported’ panels such as, Napco, and any other panel that offers a Keyswitch. (keyswitch will require an open zone and pgm to arm/disarm the system).

How To Access Partitions

Honeywell – Enter Master code, press *, select the partition number you wish to access

GE Caddx – Press 1, select the partition number you wish to access

DSC – Not compatible to access multiple partitions

How to Create Additional PIN Codes

  1. Log into using the primary user’s login credentials
  2. Click ‘Contact List’, click on ‘Add Contact’
    • Generate an unique username and password, confirm the password and click on ‘Create User’
  3. Click on the button labeled: Manage Locations
    • From the ‘Device Access List’ select the sub user from the dropdown box
    • Click on the mac address in the ‘Denied’ column, click on the ‘green arrow’ pointing to the left to move the mac address to the ‘Granted’
    • Click on ‘Save’
  4. Click on the button labeled: Manage Users
    • From the drop down box, select the panel
    • Create and enter the pin code
    • Click on ‘Submit’
  5. Test the new pin using the Keypad or mobile app

How To Factory Reset The Connect+

How To Factory Reset The Connect+

  • Open cover
  • Hold down the S4 button for 12 seconds
  • All LEDs will flash on/off at the 6 seconds and again at 12 seconds
  • Release the S4 button, replace the cover
  • Factory default is now complete
  • Attempt to join any sensors back to the Connect+ panel

List of available Connect+ Expansion Cards


  •  This module can be placed in expansion slot 3 of the Connect+ panel.
  • It provides communications with door locks, appliance modules, or thermostats enabling a broad range of home automation features

Combination Zwave/Translator

  • This module can be placed in expansion slot 3 of the Connect+ panel.
  • It enables both translator and Z-Wave services to be offered on a Connect+ installation


  • This module can be added to expansion in slot 1 the Connect+ panel
  • It provides alarm reporting and interactive services to be offered over Verizon or Sprint networks as either primary or back-up communication paths.


  • Connects panel to local WiFi Network
  • Easy, tool-free installation
  • Enables: Alarm Reporting, Interactive Control Functions, all through broadband connection